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About The Gifts For You

I have been thinking about what I should use as a gift to my dear customers. Today I finally figured it out. This is a gift that can always be used as room decoration. Use it in the right place. Then the gift I give you is dried flowers (As picture). These are dried flowers that have been dried and processed from real flowers. They are very simple and clean with handmade, and each one is very special(Cotton; acorn; pine cone; lotus; kapok etc). I will put a dried flower and a gift shoes card into each order as a gift for you.I hope we give you more than just products.

Let me tell you how to DIY these flowers.

1: You can glue the flowers to white paper , then put them inside the photo frame and put them in your living room or kitchen somewhere else.

2: You can buy a small vase, and then put the received flowers into a bottle, which can also be placed in the living room or where you want.

Of course, you can also use it as a gift for friends. i just wanna tell my customer that this is a gift I choose with my heart, and this is how I treat my work.I hope we give you more than just products.

Gift For You

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