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Why Mary Jane shoes attracted me?

Why Mary Jane shoes attracted me?


Why these shoes attracted me? When I saw this shoe for the first time, I planned to make this pair of shoes, because I really like this style. Although there are no high heels in our store, this shoe is really good looking You must pack high heels to feel elegant. This shoe has a heel of 8.8 and a platform of 1.3 cm. Thick heels will not tire your feet.
Small round toe which is very cute. The design highlight is the multi-layered hollow pattern and the cross belt design of the script. The first layer of cowhide with good texture, and the first layer of sheepskin in the shoes and foot pads are breathable and comfortable.


At the same time, this vintage hollow style can be worn in summer and autumn, and can be worn with or with or without socks.This shoe is best suited for dresses, which can highlight the elegance and vintage beauty of women.


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