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Giving Shoes as a gift herald to send someone away?

Giving Shoes as a gift herald to send someone away?

Why would giving shoes as a gift herald to send away others? 

When I was a kid, I often heard similar things, for example, if you accidentally get food on the ground and stepped on it, then you will be punished by God; also, if you are at night Point your finger at the moon and the back of your ears will rot. If you give shoes to someone else as a gift, it means that you will send away this person, then this person will leave you. and many more.
I personally don't correct their thoughts, but I also disagree with it.
Regarding shoes as gifts to accompany parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, then these people will leave you. I personally don't dislike this superstition. I think this is a kind of emotional sustenance or a sense of security. But we all know this is wrong.
Why there is such an idea. First of all, these superstitions were left by the older generation. In fact, not many believe in our younger generation. The older generation is very persistent in superstition. In their time, superstition meant a belief, spiritual sustenance. For the older generation, technology is very limited. When many things cannot be explained, they will believe in superstition. No communication tools, no good medical equipment. Once someone gets sick, there is rarely a chance to recover, and once a friend leaves, they don’t know when they will have a chance to meet. In order to get psychological comfort, we refused to choose to use shoes as a gift to others. In fact, this idea has a certain historical basis. Even if many people know that this is superstition, many people still choose to give other things as gifts. But can be understandable.

my point of view:

Instead, I think shoes are the best choice as a gift.
Anything close to the body and skin is very important. A person has a lot of dreams in his life. Then if you don't have shoes, you can't do it barefoot. Shoes are your life partner. It will take you wherever you go. At the same time, the shoes will protect your ankle from being injured; protect your skin from scalding and abrasion; winter feet will not be frostbite; help you complete the hike; help the day work not tired; help you stand confidently on your own stage. If you give shoes as a gift to your family and friends, it can only explain one problem. This person is very concerned about your health and cares about you. This is my clearest point of view.
So it must not be misled by that superstition. Buying a pair of good shoes for yourself, or for family, friends is a kind of care and love.


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