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Frequently asked questions

1:Where your company located? Where are your products made? Where the products ship from?

-Many of our signature products are made at our headquarters in China. Our company is located in HK and Mainland in China. All of our products are ship from Mainland in China. 

2: Do you provide customized shoes or wholesale shoes?

-In order to allow more people to have access to our brand. We accept wholesale shoes. And custom-made men's shoes and women's shoes. Including custom-made sports shoes, custom-made business shoes. Custom-made casual shoes etc. For more details, please contact our customer service.

3:Are your shoes made of genuine leather or artificial leather? Is it waterproof?

-Because we mainly produce leather shoes. So 90% of the shoes are handmade in 100% genuine leather. Leather shoes are more breathable and comfortable.Not all shoes are waterproof. Therefore, leather shoes are waterproof, but it is not recommended to wear them under frequent rain. If you encounter rain, it is recommended to wipe it dry with a dry cloth and dry it in a ventilated place.

4: How to place an order?Is the products ship to my country? How much will cost for the shipping?

-You can simply place an order on the products page and make your payment. Yes, our products ship all over the world. You can choose the shipping method according to your needs, we provide Standard shipping; DHL; Fedex etc.

5: Does your website have an app?

-Yes, we have. When you open our website with a Safari browser, there will be an installation prompt. You can click Install to download our App on your mobile phone.

6: Can I return the product if the product is not fit?

Yes, it can be returned. You can choose to return the goods in 5 days after receiving the goods. Remember to contact customer service to assist you in handling the return process before returning the goods.

7: Where can i find USA size?

Well, here is our shoe size table: (cn-size-to-usa-size). Our shoe sizes are CN size. Please check the barefoot length before choose your size.

8: What is "Plush" means in shoes color options.

"Plush" is for winter. it has fur or lining inside instead of leather.

8:  How to make purchase?

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