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How much do you know about shoes?

How much do you know about shoes?

In addition to the basic functions of shoes, do you really know about shoes?

Mrs Coco_Chanel "There will always be a pair of shoes on the woman's dream list" The classic words about shoes or fashion circles and celebrities are endless. Since the invention of the shoe, the function of the shoe has helped people walk to a more advanced, diverse, and even sacred mission. Whether it is magic sexy high heels or comfortable and elegant flat shoes, they are indispensable "partners" in women's shoes wardrobe. COCO said that "Shoes are an important part of elegance. A good pair of shoes can highlight the elegance of women"; Mr giorgio-armani said "accessories are of equal importance to clothes. He makes clothes more complete and allows you to show your style "and many more.

Then the shoe is definitely not just a pair of shoes. When a set of clothes you like emerges in your mind, then this set of clothes must require a pair of shoes to complete the entire image of your imagination. At the same time life is like traveling, you need a perfect pair of shoes to accompany you. Never ignore the importance of shoes.



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