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How To Distinguish Genuine Leather From Fake Leather?

How To Distinguish Genuine Leather From Fake Leather?

Is the dermal fake leather unclear?

We have worn countless shoes, know which leather shoes are the most durable? What kind of leather shoes need special care? After all, There are thousands of good-looking shoes. Before you want to purchase a pair of leather shoes at our website, you may have to buy it with peace of mind? So we need to have knowledge with leather shoe first, so today we will walk you through the how to distinguish genuine leather and fake leather.

How To Distinguish Genuine Leather From Fake Leather?
Natural leather & artificial leather
All leather materials become leather, divided into natural leather and artificial leather. Natural leather is what we call real leather (processed from animal skin); artificial leather is PVC made of foamed or laminated materials. And PU etc.

We can actually distinguish it with the our eye. The leather has obvious pores and patterns, and the pattern is uneven. The brightness of the leather surface is soft. However, there are no pores on the surface of the artificial leather. If the artificial texture is processed immediately, there will be no obvious pores and skin. The brightness of the surface is very high. Colleagues, you can identify it by hand, because the feel of the two types of leather is different. The leather is elastic, and natural wrinkles will appear when bent. Different folds will produce textures of different thicknesses. Artificial leather feels like plastic, with poor recovery and similar texture after folding.

In addition, you can tell by smell, natural leather has a very strong fur smell; artificial leather has a plastic smell.

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