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5 Pair of Comfort Women's Boots You Need To Know

5 Pair of Comfort Women's Boots You Need To Know mainly provides comfortable leather shoes for women. Shoes are too important to us. Our life journey needs a pair of good shoes to prevent our feet from Injured and reduce your feet stress. A pair of  shoes you don't would't want to take it off after putting it on. So let me walk you through 5 pairs of very popular shoes on Obiono.

comfortable shoes for walking

1: This is a pair of handmade retro leather boots with double-sided leather. It is suitable for fall and winter wear. The velvet lining is specially made for very cold weather, suitable for ladies who are has cold feet. The sole is cow tendon, so this makes the shoes supper comfortable and soft, that's why customers are call them on cloud shoes, and they are also non-slip; the upper is made of cowhide, stitched with different colors of leather to make the shoes look unique. The shoes are versatile, very easy to match any clothes, and easy to wear. Could be the most comfortable shoes for standing all day and most comfortable shoes for walking all day.

Vintage short boots, autumn boots

2: These handmade stitching design and thick rope attracted me at first glance, very unique and cute. The soft top layer cowhide, pigskin lining makes the shoes more breathable and non-slip. Sturdy handmade. Very versatile and easy to wear. Also can be the most comfortable shoes for walking all day.

soft leather boots, comfortable shoes, women's boots, autumn boots,

3: This is a pair of solid leather boots, with 4 colors, double-leather and velvet lining. Simple design, very versatile. The upper is cowhide, and the inside of the shoe is the pigskin. The sole is made of cow tendon, which is super comfortable, soft and non-slip. Very suitable for outdoor walking shoes. US size 9 size 10 are available.

women's boots, boots for autumn, winter boots, chunky heels

4: This is a pair of chunky heel boots, with 2 colors for choice. The design is simple and very elegant. The upper is made of cowhide and. Genuine leather is not recommended to wear it on rainy days, as the leather will be damaged. Rubber sole with 5cm mid heel, will not tire your feet. The most comfortable work shoes for women. 

short boots, women's boots, leather boots for women

5:  First of all, what I like about this pair of short boots is that the lace design is different from other shoes. Make the simple design look more cute. The cowhide upper makes the leather very smooth, and the pigskin is breathable inside. The sole uses a rubber sole and a 4.5 cm mid heel. Don't miss this pair of very nice leather shoes. It versatile and easy to wear. The most comfortable boots for working and standing all day.

Obiono is a brand that focuses on leather women's shoes and is a trusted shoe brand. You can find the winter boots, sandals, flat shoes, casual shoes or oxford shoes and marten boots you need here, super comfortable and super fashionable. completive price.


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