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How Dr. Martens Is Classic ?

How Dr. Martens Is Classic ?

The shoes that really make you indulge are definitely not just the appearance, but also a desire to put on and don't want to take off, it is passion, knowledge, details, and extreme craftsmanship.

In 1967, a man walked into a utility clothing store in the north of England, purchased a dark blue boiler suit and felt himself drawn to a pair of orange rubber boots. Despite the color, he was tempted. Had he spent a few minutes less contemplating the idea, he might not have come across a shoe that would change his – and thousands of others’ – futures: the Dr martins boots. The man was Pete Townshend, frontman of The Who and ergo one of the most influential characters of last century, the year was remembered as the Summer of Love, and the shoe was about to scissor-kick its way onto the world’s stage and beat up anyone who tried to make it leave. Townshend wore the boots that night and subsequently described his performance as “a revelation”.

Taking its name from the date of its UK release (1/4/1960) the cherry-red eight-eyelet 1460 model is the most strongly associated with Dr martin boots. It is thought that the initial black leather skins - introduced for the UK market - were to have an ‘oily’ finish so as to be appropriate in East London’s fish markets, but a stray batch made it through quality control without it, and the matte black leather’s rough-and-ready feel was met with unexpected approval. While the boot was still a success among those who required their footwear to be tough on the outside but padded on the inside, it wasn’t until Pete-Townshend introduced the shoe to rock_n_roll that they truly found their niche six years later. He, too, was enamoured with the air-cushioned soles and attributed his energetic performances to them. In Dr. Martens: A History of Rebellious Self Expression, Townshend noted that “their toughness combined with their softness and flexibility is what made them so perfect for the pseudo-athletic routines I performed on stage”.

Dr.marten is officially a pair of shoes that you don't want to take off once you put them on. The design of Martin boots has become a become a classic symbol,  youth ,meaningless, brave mark. Swept through the ages and generations.

Today, Dr. Martens has long since outgrown its humble beginnings, and is well on its way to shrugging off the more negative associations that football hooligans and fascists laced it with.  “Docs are the perfect footwear for getting things done,” the brand’s UK Productions Manager Stephen_Bent says. The concept of self-expression and rebellion are at the core of the brand’s identity; “it’s in our marketing, our designs, old and new, and it’s a characteristic you’ll find in the people who work here. It’s literally in the handbook.” Vintage menswear expert Josh Sims agrees, in that “The very appeal of DMs is that they are what they are. You wear them as you see fit. You make them your own. Because DM are regarded as a staple of sorts, they simply move in an out of fashion as fashion dictates.” The fact that Dr. Martens now provides a range guaranteed to last ‘For Life’ illustrates the confidence it has in their enduring cool; a lifetime guarantee for every pair ensures they will be handed down from generation to generation, and in fifty, a hundred years time the legacy will live on, through both the underground music scene and out on the streets – a permanent footprint stamped firmly on the history of British culture.

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