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12 Pairs Of Summer Sandals Ideas for Women 2021

12 Pairs Of Summer Sandals Ideas for Women 2021

Summer has always been our favorite season because we can wear a lot of beautiful and sexy clothes to travel, go to the beach, go on a picnic and so on. At the same time, shoes are also essential for matching summer beautiful clothes. So let's introduce the idea of ​​"12 Pairs Of Summer Sandals Ideas for Women 2021". If you don't know what kind of sandals should you choose to spend this summer. Then this article will definitely help you.


Spring Summer Thick-soled Fish Toe Strap Sandals

1st Pair: Summer New Thick-soled Womens Strap Sandals
The strap design is inspired by the vintage Roman shoes style, plus the 2020 women's shoe trend --- gear thick sole design. It is perfect to satisfy vintage and fashionable ladies. 2 colors can be selected. The material is made of leather cowhide, machine and handmade. Whether it is matching pants or skirts, these sandals will be a good choice.

Womens Retro Leather Handmade Cross strap Fish Toe Sandals
2nd Pair: Retro Leather Handmade Cross strap Fish Toe Sandals
Lace-up sandals are my favorite in summer. Can make your feet look very sexy. This pair still uses a strap design. The shoelace and fish mouth design with a large open instep and cross straps is a very distinctive feature of this pair of shoes. Sandals that look like boots. Use sturdy leather to rub the color cowhide. Retro and very stylish. Have you fancy these vintage strappy sandals?


summer wedge sandals, Platform sandals, Women's sandals

3rd -7th Pairs: Women's wedge sandals/ Platform Sandals
The platform heels and wedge heels make the shoes very fashionable and comfortable to wear. The rubber sole is non-slip and elastic, so there is no need to worry about whether the sole is too hard and uncomfortable to wear. The retro slope heel design and stylish ankle buckles are the key to the design of these shoes. Both will make your feet look very sexy and fashionable. Open toe is the best choice in summer, and it has good breathability, and it is suitable for fashionable ladies who like nail art. If there are shortcomings, I think it is the black one that would not be recommended for people who has sweating issues. At the same time, this retro style of women's shoes is quite unique, not a style that all women can accept. But if you need sandals that are comfortable and do not hurt your feet, then our these retro wedge sandals are definitely the best choice. The most important point is that this retro wedge heel boots are suitable for ladies with high insteps and injured feet. Because the design is relatively loose and this elastic sole can well cushion the body pressure. I highly recommend these shoes! (Be sure to choose the correct code number)


Summer Wedges, Black Wedge Sandals, Women's Sandals
8th Pair: Summer Open Toe Cross Strap Wedge Sandals
This pair of wedge sandals has a lower comfort level than the front comfortable wedge sandals, but the fashion index and sexy index will be higher. The 8.5 cm slope heel is suitable for ladies who like more sexy sandals. This shoe is not elastic, but the sole is also non-slip. Like other ladies' shoes on our website, cowhide leather and pigskin leather are used for breathable leather. What attracts me to this pair of shoes is the cross strap design of his wedge heel and ankle, yes! My favorite strap design. Do you like it?


9th-11th Pairs: Comfy Slip-on Sandals/ Slippers
A pair of casual slip-on sandals or summer slippers with a pair of wide-leg pants is a very fashionable match in 2020. I believe that the fashion elements in 2021 will definitely not miss a pair of comfortable and versatile slip-on sandals. Because simple simplicity is the unchanging rule of fashion.


handmade Ethnic Summer Sandals, Ethnic shoes
12th Pair : Handmade Ethnic Summer Sandals
This pair is a printed leather wedge sandal with Chinese ethnic style. Hand printing has one of the characteristics of ethnic style. The shoes are very light. At the same time, a non-slip sole. Retro classic. If you want to know more about our ethnic shoes or scoff women's shoes, you can enter our ethnic shoes category.

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Nihal - February 23, 2021

Very nice recommendation, i will considering them in this summer.

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