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Is it true that all the efforts are rewarded?

My answer is yes. But the return is also two-sided. For example, I am sitting at the computer signing shoes blog in the middle of the night, and I hope you can see it.
Is today's topic related to shoes? It must be related. I received a picture of my shoes (of course our boots) from a customer today. I am going to share this picture directly with you. This photo is the customer's feedback on me (satisfactory feedback), and I feel very happy. Although there are still many things that haven't been done well, as an entrepreneur, I feel that when I see my customers are sure of me, I am more confident to do better.
Every day I receive the order from the customer, I go to the factory, and then wait for the factory to finish. I prepare the goods and take them to the logistics company, knowing that the goods are sent. In fact, I have to be very careful in every detail. Of course, I also made a lot of mistakes, causing customers to be dissatisfied with my products or services. But as long as I get a customer's satisfaction, I think all the efforts are meaningful.
I think if you have not paid for what you have done, I think it must be that time has not yet come. For us, the most difficult thing is international logistics. Time is very important to us and our customers. I also understand that customers want to get the shoes they bought as soon as possible. Many times logistics is actually a very annoying thing. I said a lot today, I will still write a blog about shoes for everyone on the next topic.

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