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How To Style Boots

How To Style Boots

Boots are very fashionable and an essential item for women. At the same time, different boots may highlight your different personality. In addition, different ways of wearing boots will reflect different styles and you in many ways. I personally love boots, pointy, square, round toe, thick heel or flat bottom. Especially in autumn and winter, boots are definitely the best choice. The reason I like the most is because the boots particularly highlight your personal temperament, and make you look perfect in body proportions, and tall and elegant.

Regarding how to wear boots, the best way should be pictures to show (I will tell you on our Pinterest official website later)
1:Knee high boots with jeans is one of the great choices. (When choosing jeans, you can choose loose or skinny jeans. We can curl the trousers, but do n’t put the trousers in the boots. It will look very strange and not recommended.)

2: Retro boots with casual pants. (With casual pants except denim texture, be sure to choose thick casual pants, and it is recommended to be 7-point pants / 9-point pants)

3: Boots with skirts. Oh my god, I also do like to match this way. Boots with chiffon or knitted skirts will be a super good choice in autumn and winter. This is different from the style of matching jeans. Matching skirts will make you look particularly feminine.

 Of course, there are also great ways to match, you can match clothes with different textures according to your own preferences. Be sure to pay attention to some mismatches. I will tell you some details of the wrong matching later.

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