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Daily maintenance of leather shoes

Daily maintenance of leather shoes

Daily maintenance of leather shoes & boots 2020

1: New shoes will not be easy to wear when you start to wear. You don't have to force their feet in, and use shoehorns to assist them.

2: You can take off your shoes without stepping on the shoes, and it is easy to make the heel fall and deform.
3: Leather shoes should be taken care of in the rainy and slippery ground to avoid soaking water. If you accidentally encounter water, you should wipe the water stains with dry cloth as soon as possible, and put them in a ventilated place to dry, remember to expose to the sun and fire, improper treatment will be Leather shoes are deformed and discolored. In severe cases, the cortex will become hard and the crack coating will fall off.
4: Leather shoes should not be exposed to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, oil solvents, etc. to prevent corrosion. Otherwise, the sole will be deformed, the glue will be opened, and the leather surface will be discolored.
5: The leather lining will fade when it is worn in the initial stage. It is normal and the color loss will not last for too long. It is recommended to wear deep color socks at the beginning.
6: Do not leave your shoes in a damp or hot place for a long time to prevent mold and so on.
7: Shoes are like people, and they need to work and rest. Every day, different shoes are worn, and the rain and dew are absorbed, which can extend the life of the shoes by 2-3 times. 

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